For a long time, the best way to learn about skincare trends was to wait until several celebrities shared or were “outed” for their latest facial craze or lip treatment “miracle.” But in 2020 you do not have to wait for some anonymous source touting the inside scoop. Instead, you can create the buzz yourself! 

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Now, just because a celebrity did not do it first does not mean your skincare routine has to be boring. Innovation and wild ingredients can still abound, but now you can control what it is that you want and your body needs. In fact, in 2020 your skincare routine should be anything but boring. 

And with the rise in tech and medical understanding regarding skin, personalized skincare is potentially the most exciting trend that will only continue to grow. This popular trend started in 2019 but imagine in 2020 how much deeper experts will be able to dive. It makes sense. After all, you are not the same as the next person trying to care for their body! This means your skincare regimen should not be the same either. 

If your budget allows for it, you can purchase these personal products from a dermatologist or other professional, but if you do not have the means to shell out big for these tech-backed solutions, you can consider making your own options at home. 

Dr. Divya Sadhwani Haryani, a dermatologist who supports the study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, says that currently new ingredients are being used in skincare such as cinnamomum Tamala extract. It is rich in phenols and flavonoids. It is also known to decrease excess sebum, erythema, and melanin. 

This is partly because now, more than ever before, we are more conscious of what we are slathering on our skin. We are more educated about what is good for our body and what is not, and the skincare industry is slowly catching up. But if you look in your own kitchen, you do not have to wait for them to get their act together to get personalized skincare that is good for you. 

Here are just a few skincare tips you should be excited about:

1. Deodorant that is free from aluminum

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In 2019 there was a definite rise in safer deodorants. Many big brands in the industry jumped on board, offering options without aluminum. More will join in, including even more small brands that are more natural-minded. 

Why aluminum-free? You may have heard the rumors that aluminum is connected to breast cancer and other health issues. While there is a lack of direct evidence that this is true, people are looking for options without this particular ingredient. Now here is the catch, removing aluminum removes the anti-sweating properties of deodorant, but not the odor-masking properties. This means you will sweat, but just won’t stink. This is done through ingredients like fragrance and glycerin. 


(Two alternative recipes that are easy to follow and customize, along with a great FAQ section at the end!)

2. Sustainability

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Being more eco-conscious is something more and more people are doing something about. It is finally moving past the point of talk and moving into action. More and more people are demanding that products and packaging are safer for the environment. This explains why you have seen and will continue to see more brands jumping on this bandwagon as well. Think recyclable packaging, biodegradable ingredients, and refillable bottles. 

But eco-friendly and sustainable beauty does not need to come from the store. You can reuse the packaging you already have in your house for your beauty products. That jelly jar can be washed and sanitized and used as a container for your sugar scrub or face moisturizer. An old jar of eye cream can turn into a new chapstick container. 

Ingredients that are better for the environment are a hot topic right now as well. Things that compost after use, like face wipes, or break down in the water, like salts and sugars, are replacing plastics that were once all around (think Biore facial scrubs with their plastic microbeads.) This includes ingredients like local beeswax and shea butter with coffee grounds and other herbs/spices, rather than a chemical mixture that you cannot pronounce let alone expect the Earth to deal with.


(An easy eye serum that also makes a coffee body scrub!)

3. Treating your lips

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Skincare has been exploring surfaces beyond your cheeks and forehead for a little bit in 2019, but it has not really gone to the lips yet. But it will! And if you are not aware, your lips are made of some of the thinnest skin on your face, needing some of the most attention! Until other places on your face, like your T-zone, there are not many oil glands on your lips. This is why they need some extra love and moisture. 

Lip scrubs, masks, and moisturizers are just a few things to think about as a customized solution to your lip’s various needs. It is a good idea to pamper your lips, but with them being so thin and close to the mouth, you need to make sure what you put there is really good for your body, too. This means making a customized option is one of the safest bets for your body’s appearance and health, as well. 


(Another one from Wellness Mama! Skip the tint and keep it just for a chapstick if you want.)


(Another use for coffee grounds from your kitchen to help exfoliate and plump your lips.)

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